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What is Isera?
Who is Isera for?

A semi artificial intelligent software designed to help doctors reach and treat more patients than ever before

This is EMAF


What is EMAF?

EMAF is an alternative to using paper forms for SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) notes. The platform features a streamlined process that makes management of patients in a clinic or home setting easy. 

Who is EMAF for?

EMAF is designed for physicians and physician extenders (i.e. nurse practitioners, medical interns). EMAF can also be used by treating and teaching institutions as an educational/mentoring tool.

Point of Difference

EMAF incorporates key EMR features–such as clinical alert flags and accurate documentation prompts–and applies them to a simplified platform. EMAF's notes are accessible to quality assurance and clinical supervisory teams, allowing real time review and intervention.

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Vital signs - Physical Exam

Diagnostics - Primary and Secondary


Assessment and Plan

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